Types of Plastic and Fabrication

Types of plastic and fabrication are a very important part of any business that deals with customers. With a great supplier you can turn out great products at an affordable price. The best thing about using plastics and fabrication is that you can use any color you want to. Types of Plastic and Fabrication
If you have a vision for your business then you will be looking for the right kind of plastic and fabrication company. There are two major categories of plastic and fabrication companies. Here is some information about each of them.

Polyester. It is a very soft and flexible material that has no smell. However, it has a unique look. It is also used for forms. Also known as a blown fabric.

Vinyl. It is made from synthetic fiber. It is water resistant and does not fade. The color is also completely customizable. It is a one way stretchable material.

Nylon. It is a strong but light material. It is often used for cushions and mats. It is heat resistant and can be cut in any shape.

Jute. It is also a very soft material. It is similar to plastic but it has a slightly more oily feel. It is also called as plant fibre.

Cotton. It is a common fabric that has no smell. It is durable and easy to sew. It is also used for printing.

Composite. It is a blended material. It is also known as a cross between plastic and fiber. The most common applications are construction and automobiles.

Two-way. It is a natural resin based plastic. It is easy to clean and is made from soy.

Thermoset. It is a thermoplastic rubber. It is very flexible and has a great self-healing property. It is also very durable.

Polymer. It is made from monomers. It has the unique ability to bond with another polymer. It can be printed, carved, embossed, and woven.

Molds. It is also known as injection molds. It can be used for making forms and sculptures.

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