Dangers of Talcum Powder Exposure

Talcum Powder is one of the most known products that is used to stop rashes and any kind of skin irritation. It is said that it is proven effective. The talc is one of the ingredients in talcum powder which can be found in deodorants and baby powders. However, even though almost everyone vouches for its effectiveness, regularly using talc powder products can cause severe health problems to the person who is using it.

Talc is mainly made up of several elements, particularly oxygen, silicon, and magnesium. The talcum powder is proven to be one of the cancer-causing products which are being used and patronize by many customers. There is a need that everyone should help raise awareness of the bad effect that talcum powder can cause to our health. Continue reading for more health concern topics that talcum can cause.

Talcum Powder can cause Cancer

Yes, it is correct. Several types of research have been done and prove that talcum powder containing asbestos can cause cancers to the person who tends to use it regularly. We thought that it helps us with our rashes but the worst thing we cannot see its bad effect on our health. It is easy to identify the good effect of the product. However, it will take you months and sometimes years before you realize that you have cancer. What is the cause? The cause is the talcum powder which you are regularly using.

Lung cancer is the specific type of cancer that can be obtained in using talcum powder. People who have long-term exposure to talc miners is the one who has the highest tendency of having lung cancer. Many of you might be asking how this could happen? Well, by simply inhaling the powder, it can cause lung cancer. Let’s take a look at those people who inhaled the smoke from a cigarette, same is happening if you inhaled the powder. Since the powder is made up of talc, they can cause toxins that can be inhaled and will be scattered inside the lungs of humans.

The reason why talcum powder can cause lung cancer is because of the asbestos. Asbestos is the main element who can cause cancer on the lungs. If the talc powder is inhaled, the asbestos, which is present in the powder, can hold tightly to the lungs of the human. This can lead to abnormal breathing, and the worst part is to suffer from lung cancer.

There is talcum powder, which is used for intimate care of the genitals. Other people make use of the powder for their genital area. In this case, if they do not stop using talcum powder, the customer has the highest risk of having ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer or cancer on the ovary can be caused by talcum powder. Since other women regularly used this for their genitals, there are instances that a small amount of powder can pass through the cervix of the woman. When this powder gets in the genital area of female, it can be trapped in the ovaries of the female and can result in ovarian cancer.

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