FSBO Sweat Equity

Christiane of Erwin House brought up a particularly fascinating subject: Is there an ethical way for home lovers to flip a house? Her husband, David, have been bitten by of the restructuring bug and daydream about perhaps doing it all again in another home, but they don’t wish to be branded using a phrase that has such ugly connotations – The comments people have left are extremely enlightening and the response, basically, is yes. One commentator writes Be restorers serial, not flippers. By definition, flippers are just undertaking the renovations for gain. They are not emotionally invested in of the home, they often do not live there, aren’t tied into the neighborhoods, and cut a lot of corners to reduce costs. https://www.nevadabusiness.com/2004/09/the-magnolia-companies-sweat-equity-pays-off-for-ceo/

But we’ve alot of problem houses around here. Houses that sit neglected for many years. So, as always, theres a flipside into this coin if a real house fan comes in and must undo flipper fixes. This conversation is particularly fascinating to me since we speak about doing some form of home flipping all the time. We just love renovating, and know that finally were likely into run out of things into do here! – Since our curiosity was killing us we’d a realtor drop by another night to check on our renovations. We needed to see what kind of worth we’ve built with our sweat equity.

Based on his assessment of the place, its safe to say have been headed in the right direction and might make a great profit if we have been ever to sell it. More often than not I can’t imagine parting using our house, and all the memories we’ve already made in it. However a gain big enough into pay off our student education loans, credit cards, and car payments in one swoop and still have money left over for a downpayment on our next fixer upper? that’s mighty tempting! – what’re your thoughts on flipping? Good, bad? I suppose it depends upon the area you are living in, and what kind of houses are being flipped.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback – In Jackson we’ve a local couple who reverse old houses at a rate of around 4 a year. There was a big article about them in the paper. They very cautiously select the houses that flip and become attached to every one during renovations. The home turned out beautifully. They said they try hard to not strip the houses of their personalities leaving as much original as possible. They also help the community since they buy homes in areas that are not always the best and by doing this they enhance the area considerably.

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